Lunes, Mayo 11, 2015

How to Vape 101: Basic Vape Tricks

Vaping has becoming more popular over the years. You are probably one of the smokers who managed to quit smoking tobacco cigarette and switched to e-cigs, now you want to put your vaping to another next level which is doing vape tricks. By doing this vape tricks you'll be able to spend more time with your e-cigs and you can even impress your friends by showing off.

1. Huge Clouds of Vapor - This is the simplest trick of all, it doesn't need special skills to do it. All you need to do is to inhale as much vapor as you can and hold it. Gently blow it to create a cloud effect.

2. Single O's - This trick is really simple, first step is to inhale just the right amount of vapor, hold it and form your mouth into circular and blow the vapor smoke gently creating O shapes.

3. Bubble Vape - This trick has the same concept when creating a bubble. Simple get a toilet paper rolls and dip its other end into a soapy water solution. Blow a vapor smoke and it will fill the bubble with vapor smoke.

4. Vaping Banana - This one is very simple. Get a banana and make a face on it, make sure to put hole as a mouth and blow vapor smoke from it.

5. Side Rings - This trick is a bit advance, you actually need to master creating single O's first before you can try doing this trick.

6. The Dragon - This is one is my favorite trick, it actually took me about 2 weeks to master this. Simple blow vapor smoke from your nose and through the both sides of your mouth.

7. Ghost Inhale - To do this trick just open your mouth and then inhale it. Enough smoke will come out by itself don't worry about blowing some out first.

8. Tornado - To do this trick is to inhale lots of vapor in the table and use the tip of your finger to create a swirly effect of a tornado.

9. French Inhale - This trick requires you to exhale vapor and inhale it through your nostrils. Curve your mouth upwards while exhaling the vapor to your nose.

10. Mickey Mouse - This trick requires right timing. If you master doing the single o's you can simply do this trick but you need to have a better timing.

So buy yourself an e-cigarette and start practicing a vape trick. Who knows you could be better than these guys. Also, you can use coupon code to save money when buying e-cigarette online.

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